Automatic Tuning of Continuous-Time Filters

Automatic Tuning of Continuous-Time Filters



Growing wireless communication market is forcing the systems to be more portable and cheaper. This can be accomplished by reducing the physical area and power consumption. On-silicon continuous-time filters can perform at high speeds while still consuming less power and area than digital counterparts. Design of high-frequency high-Q integrated filters becomes even more challenging under these constraints. High-Q band-pass filters can pass a small fraction of spectrum and blocks the rest; hence, provide high-selectivity required by different applications. Continuous-time filters spectrum properties show significant variation due manufacturing tolerances and environment changes. Automatic tuning circuits are required to adjust these filter properties against variation. This book introduces some basic concepts about automatic tuning circuits to circuit and system design engineers. It also proposes accurate and reliable automatic tuning methods for high-Q band-pass filters including high-order ones.






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